Fitting & Caring for your BADGER® Paddle Sock


Not only will the BADGER® Paddle Sock stretch to fit every BADGER® Canoe Paddle style available but it also fits many of the blades and styles made by countless paddle makers and manufacturers as well. If your canoe paddle is 66” or less in length with a blade width of less then 9”, then this sock should nicely fit your canoe paddle.

The BADGER® Paddle Sock slips on fast and easy, providing your paddle the protection it needs in transport or storage.  They are also compact and lightweight & can be easily stuffed into a pack or pocket.



NEW SOCK (2014):

The BADGER® Paddle Sock is an actual sock (like the ones you wear on your feet) and is knitted by a sock company in Toronto, Ontario. It is made from 100% polyester.

The new BADGER® paddle sock fits by stretching the material over the blade and folding the sock back down, over itself, to hold it in place. Our suggestion is to slide the paddle into the sock grip first. Next, PULL the excess sock over the blade tip, TWIST 2 to 3 times, and then FLIP the cuff back on itself. That’s it! Just pull, flip, twist, and you’re done!

The Badger® Paddle Sock fits all Badger® Canoe Paddle designs and many other paddles in your collection too!


As with our new sock, we recommend putting the paddle in grip first pulling the sock down to cover the blade. Cinch tight.

For shorter paddles, allow the excess material to flop down over the paddle blade and cinch tight to the blade using the elastic cord and barrel closure. (See image on right)

This sock is also made from 100% polyester.



You can ALSO just pull the sock over your paddle and let the excess - if any - just flop FREE.* It’s really up to you. It also works putting your paddle into the sock blade first. What ever your preference ... It works & fits either way!

Care instructions from the manufacturer:

  1. 1.Wash in domestic or commercial-style machine in warm water (not exceeding 40ºC) with normal agitation.

  1. 2.Do not use chlorine-based bleach.

  1. 3.Tumble dry at low temperature and remove the article from the machine as soon as it is dry.

  1. 4.Do not iron or press.

*Note: This method works best with taller paddles.